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What is a chuppah?

Getting married underneath a chuppah (wedding canopy) is a Jewish tradition thousands of years strong.  The chuppah is meant to symbolize the home the couple will build together, and is supported by four poles.  Chuppahs can come in all colors and materials and textures.  Some couples choose to get married under a cherished family tallit. Others create their own chuppah from textiles that are meaningful to them.  Each Advah chuppah is carefully crafted from high-quality linen and dyed with vivid color. An Advah chuppah first serves as an elegant and beautiful celebration of love on your wedding day, and later can be hung on the wall of your home as a special reminder of your love and commitment.

Can I use a chuppah if I'm not Jewish?

Yes!   The practice of incorporating a wedding canopy into your wedding is becoming more and more widespread, and the beauty and symbolism can be cherished by Jews and as well as partners of other faiths. Please be in touch with any questions.

Can I use an Advah chuppah at an outdoor wedding?   

Yes!  Advah chuppahs are versatile and can be used at both indoor and outdoor weddings.  Our chuppahs are lined with high-quality silk and will stand up to an outdoor wedding as long as they are handled with care.

How do we hang our Advah chuppah in our home after the wedding?

All of our chuppahs come with a sleeve sewn into the back of the chuppah.  You can slide a wooden or metal rod through the sleeve, and hang the chuppah in a similar way that you would hang another textile or painting.  As with all textiles, we recomend hanging your chuppah out of direct sunlight.  Feel free to be in touch with any questions about this!

Do you make custom chuppahs?

Yes! Please be in touch to tell us what you're looking for!

How far in advance should we order a chuppah?

Each Advah chuppah is made to order.  Please order a chuppah at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure that you will receive it with plenty of time to spare.  If you need a quicker time frame, please be in touch and we will strive to work with you to make that possible.  

What is your return policy?  

We are committed to 100% satisfaction--this chuppah will be with you at the beginning of your journey towards married life, and we want you to have one that you will cherish.  Our chuppot are unique and beautiful and we think you will be very happy with your purchase.  However, if you are unhappy for any reason, you are welcome to return it within 14 days. Unfortunately we cannot refund shipping charges.  

I want to learn more about chuppahs!

Check out this great video below from our friends at G-dcast