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I founded Advah for couples dreaming of a chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) that has a soft nod to tradition with a fresh and contemporary feel. Each Advah chuppah is inspired by a different poem about love, partnership and family. If you’ve been searching for the perfect chuppah and just aren’t excited by the embroidered pomegranates and big blue Jewish stars you’re seeing everywhere—you’re in the right place!
The chuppah is meant to symbolize the home the couple will build together, and is supported by four poles. A chuppah can come in all colors and materials and textures.  Some couples choose to get married under a cherished family tallit. Others create their own chuppah from textiles that are meaningful to them.  
Each Advah chuppah is carefully crafted from high-quality linen and dyed with vivid color. An Advah chuppah first serves as an elegant and beautiful celebration of love on your wedding day, and later can be hung on the wall of your home as a special reminder of your love and commitment. See more about how our chuppahs are made here.  

An Advah chuppah is for you if:

  • You love the idea and the meaning of a chuppah, but want a design that is fresh and contemporary.
    • You are an interfaith couple dreaming up your own blended ceremony, and you want a chuppah that draws on Jewish traditions and also takes design inspiration from poets of many faiths.
      • You would rather work directly with an artist to buy a piece of art you are proud to hang in your home after the wedding, than shell out $600 for a run-of-the-mill rented chuppah that will be back in your florist’s storage by the end of the night.

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