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From the moment we are born and swaddled in a cotton blanket, textiles are an intimate part of our lives.  From quilts that wrap our families in warmth, to the favorite dress you had as a child, to the faded beloved challah cover that adorns your Shabbat table week after week. Jewish traditions encourage us to create rituals that celebrate beauty and community in everyday life, and textiles are an integral part of many of these traditions.

Advah is dedicated to the Jewish principle of hiddur mitzvah.  The Hebrew word mitzvah, which directly translates to mean commandment, has also come to mean the practices and rituals we observe to bring meaning to our lives and strengthen our communities.  Hiddur mitzvah is the commandment to make each of these rituals beautiful.  

A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl first worn by a 13-year-old as they are called to the Torah for the first time, to signify that they are adults in the eyes of the community. It is then worn daily or weekly during prayer. Wrapping yourself up in a prayer shawl is an aid to putting the daily concerns of life aside, and moving towards a prayerful spirit during worship.  Choosing a tallit is often an exciting and meaningful part of preparing for a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.  

Getting married underneath a chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) is another Jewish tradition thousands of years strong.  The chuppah is meant to symbolize the home the couple will build together, and is supported by four poles.  Today, many interfaith couples are choosing to re-interpret the tradition of the chuppah to celebrate their marriage.

A chuppah can come in all colors and materials and textures.  Some couples choose to get married under a cherished family tallit. Others create their own chuppah from textiles that are meaningful to them.  Each Advah chuppah is carefully crafted from high-quality linen and dyed with vivid color. An Advah chuppah first serves as an elegant and beautiful celebration of love on your wedding day, and later can be hung on the wall of your home as a special reminder of your love and commitment.