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Handwoven Tallit: Yedid Nefesh

Yedid Nefesh, "beloved of the soul", is prayer usually chanted during Shabbat services. This tallit has a cool sage background, with earthy stripes of rose, blush, and cool green. 

A handwoven Advah tallit is truly unique. Made from a special blend of silk and handspun cotton, the tallit is heavenly soft and luxurious without being heavy. These are made in small batches and no two are exactly the same. Read more about the artisans who weave these tallits here.

40% silk/60% handspun cotton.  The shawl size is 24" x 78". That tallit gadol size is 47" x 78", and is a great size to use a chuppah or wedding tallit.  Both come with a handmade bag to store your tallit.  

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