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Mayan Tallit
Miriam Brenon-Hodas
Fantastic gift

I bought this Tallit for my wife as a conversion gift. She loves it and says it reminds her of the waters of the Mikvah. Very beautiful and a lovely material.

Azalea Tallit
Beautiful tallit

This is a beautiful tallit. It is light, airy, and the colors are deep and vibrant but not too loud. I love it. I would recommend these tallits to anyone.

Blue Mountain Tallit
Emoke Toldi
hugh dissapointment

This talit is made from a chip, puckery, translucent material. It has no weight, so it slides easily on the shoulder. I can not really lay on my back, bacuse it's more just a scarf
The only positive is on this talit the design
I found it's price is absolut overestimated. prise

Lovely piece

I love the piece we ordered. It's simple and elegant, and I know will make a great gift.

Rivkah Tallit
Julie Schwarzwald
I Love It!

It is so beautiful. It has everything I wanted-purples, teals, and blues, stripes and swirls. It has just enough words of the blessing on the top for me to remember the whole thing. My personal preference would have been to not have splotches, but once it arrived that was thrown out the window. It was just the right tallis for me, and I love it.

Shimmering Rainbow Tallit
Brad Fleischer
Shimmering Rainbow Tallit

It is a very beautiful Tallit. We love the colors and lightweight nature of it, and it will be perfect for our daughter for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. The material is very, very thin and light. It is much thinner and lighter that we thought it would be. It wasn't exactly what we were expecting or understood it to be in terms of weight and sheerness, but it is very pretty and we are happy with it overall.

Green Mountain Tallit
Denise Shauer
Great title

A very beautifully ,delicately crafted Tallit

Handwoven Tallit: Zrichah
Maya Bernstein

Gorgeous, well made tallit!!!!

Shimmering Rainbow Tallit
Ellen Goldberg

My granddaughter chose this tallit for her Bat Mitzvah. She wanted a rainbow.

Handwoven Tallit: Koach
Nicolas Dahlberg
Wonderful tallit

My new tallit from Advah is light, airy, and beautiful, and it arrived in only a few days. I can’t wait to use it more.

Gorgeous Tallit

I bought this stunning Tallit as an adult reading Torah again for the first time in decades. It’s stunning and feels great, and I love it!

Gorgeous Tallit

Photos online don't do justice to just how gorgeous and well-made this tallit is in person. Fabulous customer service, as well. I feel so honored to have this work of art as a part of my daily practice.

Adamah Tallit
debbie j.
Easy and Beautiful!

I'm so in love with my new tallit! Sarah made ordering and delivery quick and easy. The artistry and craftsmanship are gorgeous. I would recommend Advah Designs to anyone!

an absolutely gorgeous ritual object

I could not possibly be happier with my new tallit. The colors are warm and earthy, the texture is soft and light, while still feeling substantial. What I was looking for was a tallit that made me feel like I was bringing my whole self to Jewish ritual space. What I received exceeded my hopes. Thank you so very much!

Lovely, comfortable, and easy to wear

I love the texture and feel of this tallit: smooth, with just the right degree of drape and friction that it stays put once I've folded it up about my shoulders. This color combination (Yedid Nefesh) is excellent for when I wan something a little out of the ordinary, yet muted enough I can wear it with a wide range of Shabbat outfits without stealing attention. My new favorite!

I absolutely love it

So soft and luxurious!! This will last me many many years! I cannot recommend this more highly.

Stained Glass Tallit
Heather M.
Beautiful tallit!

This is such a beautiful tallit, and I'm so pleased with it! The colors are quite vibrant, and the fabric is so soft and light.

Deliciously soft and warm

The 3 women in our family have 3 Advah tallitot. They are lightweight, and deliciously soft to the touch. The natural fabric offers warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. The colors are gorgeous. The size is perfect for feeling embraced by God’s Presence.

Beautiful Tallit!

I ordered this tallis because I have always wanted a green one. The various shades of green are all natural looking, and similar to shade of green you would find in nature on a spring or summer day. I ordered the gadol size. It is big, yet light and airy. I am very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it!


This tallit is comfortable, lightweight, and absolutely gorgeous. Pictures don't do the vibrancy of the colors justice.

Lovely tallit!

We bought this beautiful tallit in advance of our daughter's Bat Mitzvah, and she is thrilled with it!

Rivkah Tallit
Sarah E.
Absolutely Beautiful!

This is my first tallit and it's truly beautiful and it's so perfectly and beautiful. It's made perfectly, vibrant, and simply perfection.

Sage Tallit
Karen M.
Perfect Unique tallit

This tallit is a beautiful work of art! Our son was looking for something that spoke to him for his bar mitzvah. When we found the sage tallit on Advah, we knew it was immediately perfect! The silk is so luxurious and the pattern is pure art!

Woman’s Tallis

Very fine Tallis and very lightweight
Wonderful rapid service and response

It's lovely, thanks!

Loving my first Tallit! Thank you!