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Hi. I'm Emma June, creator of Fringes.

Fringes is a podcast about trans and gender non-conforming Jews and our relationships to tallitot and tzitzit. Episodes will feature interviews with various people - rabbis, musicians, poets, friends. Fringes is sponsored by Advah Designs, where I work tying tzitzit, and will be available wherever you find your podcasts, and at The first three episodes will be released on the 1st of Elul to kick off 5780's month of reflection. That means Friday, August 21st. Following episodes will be released bi-weekly. This is such an exciting project for me, a real labor of curiosity and love of being trans and Jewish. I can't wait to share these incredible interviews and perspectives with you and to see where this project grows as it finally has an audience.

Reach out to Emma June at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Episode 1: Joy Ladin -- Joy Ladin, author and professor, and EJ discuss Joy's life, transition, and how to read the commandment to wear tzitzit through a trans lens.

Episode 2: Pidge -- EJ talks to Pidge, a non-binary high-schooler, about their b'nei mitzvah and their approach to tallitot.

Episode 3: Emma June -- EJ and their friend Liel discuss EJ's relationship to tallitot and why they decided to make this podcast.

Episode 4: Noam Mason-- Noam shares their incredible process of designing and making tallitot and why it matters. 

Episode 5: Ari Lev Fornari-- EJ and Rabbi Ari Lev talk all about creating tradition, liturgy, and one's own tallit, especially as trans Jews. 

Episode 6: Binya Kóatz-- EJ talks to Binya, a true lover of tzitzit, about her daily practice, what it means to her, and where it happens. 

Episode 7: Simcha Halpert-Hanson-- Simcha discusses the frustrations and joys of experimenting with a tallis katan and their struggles finding tradition and community that feel like home.

Fringes Podcast