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Our Story

I am dedicated to helping you mark life cycle events and your weekly Shabbat prayers with ritual and beauty. Finding the right tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) should feel like coming home - soft textures and uplifting designs to wrap yourself in as you step back from the day-to-day and rise into moments of peace and connection. 

I offer a wide selection of handmade tallitot, including traditional woven tallitot, printed silk and chiffon tallitot, and handwoven tallitot in vibrant colors. My tallitot are for people of all ages, sizes, and genders. I especially love working with people who have never worn a tallit before and are excited to embrace a new ritual - contact me with any questions. You don't need to know anything about a tallit before reaching out, and I am happy to answer any question you have. 

All of my tallit designs begin as watercolor paintings in my studio in Boston. My handwoven tallitot are handspun and handwoven in India through a partnership with Indigo Handloom, which you can read more about here. Traditional tallitot are woven in Chicago, and sewn (along with our handwoven tallitot) in Asheville. My silk and chiffon tallitot are printed and sewn in San Francisco. I source Kosher tzitzit strings directly from Israel, and also offer customers the option to source their own tzitzit strings if they prefer. 

I make each tallit with love and a deep attention to detail, knowing they will last in your family for generations. I have shipped over a thousand tallitot, all over the world, and would be honored to send one to you. 

sarah resnick

Sarah Resnick started Advah Designs in 2015. She designs all of Advah's ritual objects, and partners with weavers, printers, and sew shops to bring these designs to life.

Sarah is an artist, a small business owner, and a member of Boston's vibrant Jewish community. She has been designing and making textiles for over a decade, with a focus on textiles that celebrate ritual and connection. She is also the Founder of Gist Yarn and Zollie.