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Your Guide to Planning a Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Not being married by a rabbi, but still want your wedding to feel Jewish? Curious whether the roots of Jewish wedding traditions are consistent with your feminist values? Interested in how other LGBTQ couples transformed their Jewish wedding ceremony? Trying to decide which Jewish rituals to include in your interfaith wedding? 

Arielle Angel of Ketuv Ketubahs and I created this guide to spark interest in couples who want to engage authentically with Jewish wedding rituals and are looking for a way to get started. It’s meant to be a discussion-starter that you and your partner can get through in a couple of hours: skipping the parts that don’t resonate, and following links to go deeper when you want to know more. 

 Planning a wedding is a perfect opportunity to think together about your new union and the values it will be based on. This guidebook is designed to be a radically inclusive document, deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition, while offering interpretations and adaptations that will work for many kinds of people, including feminist, queer, Jew-ish, interfaith and secular couples.Many rituals present meaningful opportunities for adaption to a couple’s personalities and values, without losing the ritual’s essential beauty, and we’ve made an effort to point out just these kinds of opportunities.


Your email address is safe with us and will never be sold or shared with third parties.  We hope you find this guide helpful, and that it brings more joy and meaning to your wedding planning process!  We'd love to hear from you with thoughts or questions; you can shoot Sarah or Arielle an email anytime.