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Fringes Podcast


Hi. I'm Emma June, creator of Fringes.

Fringes is a podcast about trans and gender non-conforming Jews and our relationships to tallitot and tzitzit. Episodes will feature interviews with various people - rabbis, musicians, poets, friends. Fringes is sponsored by Advah Designs, where I work tying tzitzit, and will be available wherever you find your podcasts, and at advahdesigns.com/fringes. The first three episodes will be released on the 1st of Elul to kick off 5780's month of reflection. That means Friday, August 21st. Following episodes will be released bi-weekly. This is such an exciting project for me, a real labor of curiosity and love of being trans and Jewish. I can't wait to share these incredible interviews and perspectives with you and to see where this project grows as it finally has an audience.

Reach out to Emma June at emma@advahdesigns.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Episode 1: Joy Ladin -- Joy Ladin, author and professor, and EJ discuss Joy's life, transition, and how to read the commandment to wear tzitzit through a trans lens.

Episode 2: Pidge -- EJ talks to Pidge, a non-binary high-schooler, about their b'nei mitzvah and their approach to tallitot.

Episode 3: Emma June -- EJ and their friend Liel discuss EJ's relationship to tallitot and why they decided to make this podcast.

Episode 4: Noam Mason-- Noam shares their incredible process of designing and making tallitot and why it matters. 

Episode 5: Ari Lev Fornari-- EJ and Rabbi Ari Lev talk all about creating tradition, liturgy, and one's own tallit, especially as trans Jews. 

Episode 6: Binya Kóatz-- EJ talks to Binya, a true lover of tzitzit, about her daily practice, what it means to her, and where it happens. 

Episode 7: Simcha Halpert-Hanson-- Simcha discusses the frustrations and joys of experimenting with a tallis katan and their struggles finding tradition and community that feel like home.

Episode 8: Liel Green-- EJ and Liel talk about tallitot, the beauty and wonder of adornment, and queer futurity. 

Episode 9: Adrian Marcos-- Adrian shares how they wear a tallit and tallit katan, how it connects to choosing Judaism, and what it feels like. 

Epidsode 10: Ezra Furman-- EJ and Ezra talk about Ezra's Jewish upbringing, rock n roll, wearing femme tzitzit, and more.

Fringes Podcast